Hydrate IV Bar

Hydrate IV Bar is a vitamin IV therapy spa which offers customized IV therapy services for all Dallasites looking to elevate their health. The vitamin IV therapy spa offers a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere without sacrificing the skilled professionalism of a medical office. Guests can rest easy to soothing music in cozy reclining chairs as they receive their preferred vitamin cocktail administered by a team of professional and friendly Registered Nurses who operate under the supervision of a doctor. All the vitamin infused IVs, NAD+ IV infusions and injections offer a large variety of benefits for recovery, athletic performance, anti-aging, mental clarity, immunity, energy, beauty and more.

Hydrate IV Bar’s cocktail-style menu contains a plethora of vitamin-infused IV therapy cocktails. Each IV consists of a liter of saline paired with a blend of vitamins. By injecting the IV straight into the bloodstream and bypassing the digestive system, the nutrients instantly enter your system so the beneficial effects kick into gear more quickly.

Clients can also choose from several different vitamin injections, that can be added to an IV service or administered on their own. There are seven shots to choose from — B12 injections, MIC injections, D3 injections, Tri-Immune injections, NAD+ injections, L-lysine injections, and Amino Acid injections. The medical team at Hydrate IV Bar offers consultations to help clients determine which shot is best for them.

Membership and Services

To learn more about Hydrate IV or to schedule an appointment, visit www.Hydrateivbar.com or stop by at 5331 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 110, Dallas, TX 75206. Follow Hydrate IV Bar on Instagram at @hydrateivbarmockingbird.


5331 E Mockingbird Lane
Suite 110
Dallas, TX


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